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A Good Business Broker Can Sell Your Business

Selling A Business is one of the most stressful and emotional times to a business owner.  St. Louis Business Brokers, Metro Business Advisors, help business owners with sale process taking the headache out of the process.

We Are Business Brokers in St. Louis And M&A Advisors that have the experience and the answers to reach YOUR goals.

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Asset purchase vs. stock purchase for small businesses

Asset purchases and stock purchases each have advantages and disadvantages to sellers and buyers.

Eight ideas to refresh and grow your small business

These methods to grow your business seem fairly obvious, but it’s easy to lose sight of the basics when leading a business.

Why an LOI is important before an APA in a business sale

Once a vetted buyer and willing seller have established a mutual interest in transitioning the business, two documents – the Letter of Intent (LOI) and Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) – come into play.

Minimizing risks when selling your business to an employee

An insider sale can be one of the best ways to transfer ownership of your business. But, the major obstacle to insider sales is usually the employee’s lack of cash and assets to leverage, limiting their ability to finance the acquisition in the traditional fashion.

Confidentiality: Every Seller’s Concern when Selling a Business

Confidentiality is imperative when selling your business. Your company’s asset value must be protected from the start of the process until the day of closing.

Is your business owner-dependent?

By Dave Driscoll What would happen if you decided to travel for the next month? Your business would run like the proverbial well-oiled machine. You would be inundated with emails, texts, and calls from your employees. Your employees would call the police, convinced you must have been kidnapped because you are NEVER away from the…

Secure your goals and vision with succession planning

Every owner, including you, will eventually leave his/her business, one way or another. Creating a succession plan is your opportunity to impact the future for you, your family, and your business.

Don’t try this on your own! Emotion gets in the way of selling your own business

Business owner emotion combined with the assembling and organizing of required information, the time demands, the question of a realistic value and price, and the determination AND patience needed result in overwhelming anxiety if you try to sell your business yourself.

Curb Appeal includes what you can see from the street AND what’s inside the business

By Dave Driscoll It’s what’s inside that counts. What does that mean when you are marketing your business for sale to a third party? Businesses generally fall into one of three categories: Behind the curve with systems that need to be updated On the curve with up-to-date systems that enable the business to compete with…

Keys for family business succession and survival

Nine tips for strong family business – help your family business survive and be relevant in the future.

Selling your Business: Exit & estate planning considerations for your retirement

A business valuation is critical to determine the future financial needs of the owner in retirement, AND also to protect and transfer that wealth to the next generation.

Business Exit Planning: It’s a Seller’s Market

High demand and low supply are creating seller leverage, stronger valuations, and advantageous deal structures with more cash at close. By Dave Driscoll Clients always ask: “Is this a good time to sell?” My reply today is YES! I know…you hear that from everyone in the M&A industry that wants to sell your business. I…