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Archive for November 2012

What are Venture Capital, Angel Investors and Mezzanine Financing?

The terms Venture Capital, Angel Investors and Mezzanine Financing are often tossed around in business …what the heck are they and do you really NEED to know what they mean? Basically, they are all terms used when talking about various methods of securing investor financing in business and each has its place in certain types of…

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What is Your Vision for Life Beyond Business?

A client of mine named Ed spent years completely focused on his business. He invested all his time, effort and energy into building the business, sacrificing family time, personal relationships and outside interests. One day, Ed received an unsolicited offer for his business that he could not refuse; tens of millions of dollars. Ed sold…

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What’s Your Business Worth? The Market Sets the Price, Not Your Ego!

A Business Valuation is the only way to know your true Business Value For many, the American dream includes owning a business and all that comes with it: freedom, independence, recognition and financial reward. It is important to recognize, however, that intense concentration on day-to-day issues coupled with pride of ownership can result in a…

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What the heck is an Exit Plan?

What is an Exit Plan and Why do YOU need one? An Exit Plan, or Succession Plan, sounds to me like “pre-need” arrangements at the mortuary! At the end of the day, you’re dead and don’t care, right?! I’ve been in the exit planning field since 2008 and have encountered varying degrees of attitudes to…

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Who Knew Selling Your Business Could Be This Complicated!?

The 5 Phases of Selling your Business are much more Manageable with the help of a Qualified Business Broker Let’s say you’ve completed all the steps to envision and plan your Life Beyond Business™ and now you are ready to sell your business – either to a third party (outsider sale) or to a key employee,…

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