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Archive for December 2012

Increase your Business Value to support your “Life Beyond Business”™

Small Steps Now to increase Business Value will Pay Off Exponentially when you Sell your Business Let’s say you’ve determined the after-tax value of your business using a Market Business Valuation (a business valuation used for planning, not the expensive kind). You’ve also calculated the value of your personal, liquid, income-producing assets outside the business. But:…

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Know Your Numbers! Key Financial Information

Increase the Value of Your Business by Collecting and Organizing Key Financial Information I recently met with two new clients: one was interested in a business valuation, the other wanted to sell the business. Both businesses are more than ten years old and employ about 15 people. These businesses have one more thing in common:…

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Life Beyond Business – why Balance is Essential

Your Life Beyond Business™ – why Balance is Essential for Owners I ran my own business for 28 years. Like so many other business owners, I dove all in. I worked six, sometimes seven, days a week. Twelve hour days were common. And even when I wasn’t physically there, I was mentally still at the…

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Run your business to sell!

You never know when you may want to Sell your Business Most business owners share a common dream… You work hard over many years building the business –  sweating, planning, risking it all – until that perfect day…the day you are ready to sell, when the ideal buyer rides up on a white horse, hands you a…

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