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Archive for October 2014

Business Succession for Family Businesses

Don’t be Fooled into believing Generational Business Transfers don’t need Succession Planning This article from The Business Journal highlights some of the issues Metro Business Advisors discusses with family-owned companies preparing for business succession. Generational business transfers are not as easy as they sound. Involving a competent mergers and acquisitions specialist or business broker is essential…

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Business Owners: you can’t Sell Value that you can’t Prove!

Financials need to spell out your Business Value for Potential Buyers No business owner enjoys sending 40% of businesses earnings to a shareholder who hasn’t contributed any equity to the business or produced any revenue, but has created more administrative costs for the business; BUT, we are required by law to do so. The only…

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Smart Biz Show Podcast

The owner of Metro Business Advisors, Dave Driscoll, was recently featured on the Smart Biz Show. Listen to (or read) his entire interview below. You’ll Learn: The two life cycles of any business Your best defense against a knowledgeable buyer What can make or break a business sale Tons more! About Dave Driscoll Dave Driscoll…

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Business owners: are you proud or grateful?

Business Owners: Check out this interesting article by John Warrillow: The Secret Thing Great Leaders Know About Being Happy In my experience, successful business owners usually have a unique balance between the two…a healthy perspective that credits both self-determination and “luck.”

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Buying a Business 101 – Where do you start?

Most people have no experience buying a business and don’t really know where to start… The top three must-haves in investigating any business purchase are passion, cash flow, and lifestyle: 1. Passion – for the product, service or concept. I call it the energy! Have you ever been in a job that you didn’t really…

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