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Archive for January 2015

Why is planning your business transition so difficult? (audio)

Every business owner knows that he or she SHOULD plan the transition of the business. Like it or not, one way or another, every owner will eventually leave their business. Better to be prepared for the transition in advance to make sure it goes as you want, right? So why do most business owners procrastinate so much…

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Six Reasons YOU Need Succession Planning

  Every business owner KNOWS they need to plan for the eventual, inevitable transfer of their business. Every owner is also extremely busy with the day-to-day operations of the company. So to use a well-known phrase, WIIFM? …”what’s in it for me?” as a motivator for action, I offer these six reasons YOU need succession…

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Podcast: Business Value Drivers Including Online Marketing

Dave Driscoll, president of Metro Business Advisors, was featured on a podcast with Red Canoe Media Founder & SEO Expert Will Hanke In today’s business world, online marketing is an essential value builder  With it, you are on or ahead of the opportunity curve. Without it, you aren’t even in the race. As buyers analyze…

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How does Dave know what business owners need? (audio)

The owner of Metro Business Advisors, Dave Driscoll, was recently featured on the Smart Biz Show with Ron Ameln. Perhaps you’ve wondered how Dave Driscoll knows so much about guiding business owners toward their Life Beyond Business.™ Why should you trust him with such an important aspect of your life? Learn how Dave knows what…

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