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Archive for June 2015

You only exit your business once…(audio)

…there’s no time for mistakes Business owners are used to doing whatever needs to be done, largely on their own. But planning for and completing the transition out of your business is unlike anything else you have ever done. Don’t try to go it alone when you exit your business – you need professional advice while…

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Marketplace Confidence, Low Interest Rates Driving Increased Business Transactions per IBBA

IBBA Report on Business Conditions: June 8, 2015 Contacts: Dave Driscoll, President Metro Business Advisors Member of IBBA, M& A Source (314) 303-5600; Scott M. Bushkie, IBBA Marketing Chair Principal, Cornerstone Business Services, Inc (920) 436-9890; Marketplace Confidence, Low Interest Rates Driving Increased Business Transactions, According to 2015 Market Pulse IBBA Report…

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What Small Business Owners Can Learn From Buffett

Business Principles that Small Business Owners can implement today As an independent business entrepreneur my entire adult life, I have often admired fellow business operators’ management of their companies. Even today when working with small businesses, I am amazed at the various methods folks use to tackle and solve business issues. I often ask myself:…

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