Want to Buy A Business?

Buying a Business? Selling a Business? The Metro Exchange is the Match Maker

Metro Business Advisors represents solid business opportunities. Our reputation is invested in every transaction and transition.

Whether you are interested in buying a business as an entrepreneur or as an investor, Metro Business Advisors understands the difference and the processes; we are business owners and investors, too. We understand cash flow and market opportunity.

To that end, we only represent quality buyers with the resources to successfully complete a transaction and transition.

The Metro Exchange

The Metro Exchange allows seller and buyers to confidentially make their preferences and needs known, to ultimately find the best match for business continuity.

With integrity as our foundation, our professional business brokers in St. Louis strive to match the needs of buyers with sellers who understand the true market value of their businesses.

All sellers we represent are required to undergo our Market Business Valuation to calculate the Most Probable Selling Price (MPSP) for the business. These calculations determine value based on comparable sales within the seller’s specific industry, historical financial performance, and industry trends and data, removing emotion from the equation.

Equally, buyers must demonstrate their ability to purchase through completion of our Buyer Registration and Confidentiality Agreement, including details regarding business experience and financial resources.

We understand that business continuity is based on successful transitions and mutually beneficial terms for the buyer and seller.

Contact us to help you smoothly navigate the process of selling or buying a business.


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