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Inventory… Don’t be shocked when Selling Your Business!

By Dave Driscoll Small business owners seem to have an aversion to inventory: they don’t like to count it, deal with it, and frequently don’t realize how much value they have invested in it. As business brokers, we encounter this phenomenon too often. Owners routinely minimize the importance of inventory value when listing the businesses…

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What drove business buyers and sellers in 2017?

By Dave Driscoll The Third Quarter 2017 Market Pulse report by the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) and M&A Source reveals several factors that have been consistently driving the market for mergers and acquisitions across the United States. The drivers for both buyers and sellers may offer useful insight for those of you hoping to…

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What Is Your Broker’s Responsibility When Selling Your Business?

By Dave Driscoll Simple…to sell the business, right? Absolutely, selling the business is the reason you chose your business broker, but there is another equally important responsibility: protecting the seller! The first objective is obvious. You draw on the reputation, business acumen, and experience of the broker and their firm to help you achieve a successful…

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C Corp vs. S Corp – a costly difference for financing your future

By Dave Driscoll Many baby boomer business owners are planning to monetize their life’s work to support retirement. It’s a natural evolution: work hard, sell your largest single asset, invest the money, and live your remaining years the way YOU want! But, surprise! The taxes on the sale of your business could greatly impact your…

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What if I’m ready to retire, but my business still needs me?

sell my business to retire

By Dave Driscoll What if I’m ready to retire, but my business still needs me? That is a complicated question to answer. Both emotional and practical issues are wrapped up in that powerful statement, in addition to the missed opportunities to create a plan and avoid such a depressing situation when you are ready to…

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KNOW your business value to GROW your business value

By Dave Driscoll Growing business value should be the ultimate goal of every business owner. Actively engaging in ongoing, focused efforts to grow value is the only true way to ensure the wellbeing of the company, the customers, the employees, and the owner’s Life Beyond Business.™ So, how do you know if your plan to…

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Build Value in your Business by going fishing!

By Dave Driscoll Making preparation a priority well in advance of your actual desired departure date gives us time to enhance the value drivers of your business, while also identifying the aspects of the business that will detract from business value. The best lens to view the value of your business is through the eyes…

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Why you need a team of advisors to sell your business

As seen in Dave Driscoll's column in St. Louis Small Business Monthly

By Dave Driscoll The value of your business is probably your single largest asset, and converting that asset to the maximum amount of investable cash to support your retirement is critical. Your best shot at maximizing long-term value is to rely on a team of advisors to navigate the complexities of the sale of the…

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Run your Business to Sell – 4 Tips

by Dave Driscoll, Business Broker and President Do you want to sell your business soon? Will you NEED to sell your business soon? The answer to either question can change more quickly than we’d like to think. So just in case, always run your business to sell! Preparing your business to sell is not an…

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