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Metro Business Advisors closes 2017 with the sale of three St. Louis businesses

Metro Business Brokers serve the greater St. Louis area

Each business was worth more than a million dollars and successfully launched the seller’s Life Beyond Business,™ Metro Business Advisors reports. Last year was positive for the St. Louis regional economy, with unemployment levels dropping sharply compared to 2016, according to the latest figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. St. Louis business brokers Metro…

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What Is Your Broker’s Responsibility When Selling Your Business?

By Dave Driscoll Simple…to sell the business, right? Absolutely, selling the business is the reason you chose your business broker, but there is another equally important responsibility: protecting the seller! The first objective is obvious. You draw on the reputation, business acumen, and experience of the broker and their firm to help you achieve a successful…

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What if I’m ready to retire, but my business still needs me?

sell my business to retire

By Dave Driscoll What if I’m ready to retire, but my business still needs me? That is a complicated question to answer. Both emotional and practical issues are wrapped up in that powerful statement, in addition to the missed opportunities to create a plan and avoid such a depressing situation when you are ready to…

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Why you need a team of advisors to sell your business

As seen in Dave Driscoll's column in St. Louis Small Business Monthly

By Dave Driscoll The value of your business is probably your single largest asset, and converting that asset to the maximum amount of investable cash to support your retirement is critical. Your best shot at maximizing long-term value is to rely on a team of advisors to navigate the complexities of the sale of the…

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Run your Business to Sell – 4 Tips

by Dave Driscoll, Business Broker and President Do you want to sell your business soon? Will you NEED to sell your business soon? The answer to either question can change more quickly than we’d like to think. So just in case, always run your business to sell! Preparing your business to sell is not an…

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Knowing Business Value is a Very Good Place to Start

Business valuation services

  People don’t want to spend money on things they don’t need. So why would you need an estimate of your company’s value if you don’t expect to leave for several or many years? You may not if you fall into one of two groups: Owners who are sure that their business exits are more…

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Why do we keep hearing about Private Equity?

St. Louis Commercial Realtors

And how can it help you sell your business? You hear it on the radio, read about it in the papers, some politicians are part of private equity. So what exactly is it? Let’s start by defining a Private Equity Fund, another term you hear all the time. A Private Equity Group establishes a Private Equity…

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The Main Reasons To Sell Your Business

Sell Your Business

Reasons for selling your business There may be some reasons why you are looking to sell your business: Divorce Change in direction Medical, health, personal and family reasons Disillusioned Been approached by an interested party Economic downturn Relocation Cashing in Shareholders split in direction Relocation Bereavement Divorce -In a divorce decree, it’s seldom declared that…

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