How does Dave know what business owners need? (audio)

The owner of Metro Business Advisors, Dave Driscoll, was recently featured on the Smart Biz Show with Ron Ameln.

Dave Driscoll, president of Metro Business Advisors

Dave Driscoll, president of Metro Business Advisors

Perhaps you’ve wondered how Dave Driscoll knows so much about guiding business owners toward their Life Beyond Business.™ Why should you trust him with such an important aspect of your life?

Learn how Dave knows what business owners need to know:

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Transcript of this segment:

Ron: Well we are excited about the show here today. We have a great guest, Dave Driscoll, who is president of Metro Business Advisors. [He] is here to join us today and Dave we want to welcome you to the show.

Dave Driscoll: Pleasure being here.

Ron: Thanks for being with us. So Jeff, Dave’s company is a business brokerage, valuation, and estate planning firm here in St. Louis. I am excited to have him on today because he comes from a lot of experience of being a business owner and knowing exactly what it is like to be a business owner and what it is like to know when there is an end to your business. And realize that you have to build value to your business because some point in time you have got to move on whether you like it or not. [I am] so excited to have him here today.

Jeff: You agree with all that?

Dave Driscoll: I do.

Ron: Well tell me about your experience as a business owner and how that got you where you are at today with this company.

Dave Driscoll: Well I started my own business when I was twenty-four (24). It was in a manufacturing industry. And it was one of those things that I was working for someone and I thought I could do a better job and I just said “well, I have really got nothing to lose so this is what I am going to do.” It was a very small manufacturing company. It was quite successful; I worked very hard over the years, lot of struggle up and down in a very competitive market place. Went through, what I would say, ‘all the chairs of ownership’. You start up and your adolescent, you are mature; all those phases that you go through and truly that is what happens. Every time you grow a little bit, you grow with your employees, you face all new challenges. So at the end of the day after about twenty-eight (28) years the whole industry had changed dramatically for me and it was really my time to say “you know I want to get out of this business. That was probably three years later than it should have been and I had missed a number of opportunities along the way to exit the business probably on more terms than I could dictate.

So there is that missed opportunity when you are not looking for it, it is going to be presented to you.

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