Why you Need an Exit/ Succession Planning Advisor

Why do you Need an Exit/ Succession Planning Advisor?

Owners’ businesses represents their life’s work, and greater than 75% of their net worth, funding

Lean and Earn

Learning & planning for your eventual transition helps you earn more for your retirement.

their retirement. They have only one shot at getting it right and we can help!

– Dave Driscoll

There are more than 9.5 million closely-held businesses in the United States. More than half of those  will change hands in the next decade as the Baby Boomer Generation begins to focus on their “Life Beyond Business.” TM More than 70% of the owners of these companies don’t know the value of their business, and 80% haven’t even considered how they will exit.

They have no exit or succession plan.


At any given time, 40% of U.S. businesses are facing the transfer of ownership issue. The primary cause for failure … is the lack of planning.

– Small Business Administration

75% of the typical business owner’s net worth is tied up in their company. Only 22% of those owners have reported doing any succession planning.


Do you really want to leave your future financial security to chance?

Planning your exit takes time…

…time to understand all the critical elements necessary to prepare for a successful “Life Beyond Business.” TM 

Owners should begin planning their transition at least three to five years before their target exit date.

You need to engage an exit/succession planning advisor to make the process more manageable (and profitable) while allowing you to still focus on running your business.

We understand the importance of your business to your financial security. We are owners like you. Metro Business Advisors will work as a team leader to coordinate the efforts of your accountant, attorney, financial advisor and other professional services to help you grow and convert your business into cash for maximum value and minimum tax.

Unlike some St. Louis business brokers, we get to know each owner and their business to provide highly customized advice and service – both before and throughout the process of selling your business.

Metro Business Advisors brings the experience and resources required to help convert owners’ largest single illiquid asset to support their “Life Beyond Business” TM for maximum value.

Contact Metro Business Advisors and begin planning your “Life Beyond Business.”


Dave Driscoll is President of Metro Business Advisors, a business brokerage, valuation and exit/succession planning firm helping owners of companies with revenue up to $20 million sell their most valuable asset. Reach Dave at DDriscoll@MetroBusinessAdvisors.com

or (314) 303-5600. www.MetroBusinessAdvisors.com

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