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We Have a Buyer for Your Business!

By Chris Spenner “Hello! I am excited to tell you we have a buyer for your business, but you have to act fast!” Sadly, the number of small and online business owners that hear and fall victim to this line each and every day is increasing due to the rising number of brokerage scams. And,…

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Why buyers prefer businesses with a strong leadership team

Businesses should not be owner-dependent; a leadership team builds value

If you ever want to sell, your business should not be dependent on you! By Dave Driscoll You start a business believing you are THE one; you are the center of the universe. Everything is dependent upon your skills, efforts, and dedication. But what you should come to realize as the business grows, is that…

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What if I’m ready to retire, but my business still needs me?

sell my business to retire

By Dave Driscoll What if I’m ready to retire, but my business still needs me? That is a complicated question to answer. Both emotional and practical issues are wrapped up in that powerful statement, in addition to the missed opportunities to create a plan and avoid such a depressing situation when you are ready to…

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Build Value in your Business by going fishing!

By Dave Driscoll Making preparation a priority well in advance of your actual desired departure date gives us time to enhance the value drivers of your business, while also identifying the aspects of the business that will detract from business value. The best lens to view the value of your business is through the eyes…

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You Can’t Sell your Business in a Day

Preparing To Sell Your Business

By Dave Driscoll, President and Business Broker As business brokers, by the time a business owner contacts us to sell a business, he or she is usually ready to walk out the door and leave the business behind…tomorrow. To say that is unrealistic is a serious understatement. Selling a business is a complex, long process……

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Are you Emotionally Prepared to Sell Your Business?

Take these 4 Steps EARLY to Emotionally Prepare Sellers often don’t give much thought to whether they are emotionally ready to sell their businesses. Neglecting to consider the significant life changes that occur can result in depression, anxiety and a general lack of purpose post-sale. Sellers are used to being in the top leadership position in…

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Planned Retirement vs. Burnout: The difference to your finances will be significant

As seen in Dave Driscoll's column in St. Louis Small Business Monthly

If you don’t plan BEFORE you’re ready to retire, you are sacrificing business value By Dave Driscoll In a recent Market Pulse Survey published by the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), M&A Source and the Pepperdine Private Capital Market Project found that retirement is the number one reason that sellers put their businesses on the market. That’s not surprising given the “baby…

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Buying an Existing Business Reduces your Risk

Owning a business is about managing risk: Purchasing an existing business minimizes risk Entrepreneurs dream of finding that special idea, concept, product or service that will captivate their imaginations to start their own business…. But waiting for inspiration has kept many qualified would-be businesses owners on the sidelines. From my experience, owning a business is…

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