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When selling your business, “walk away cash” is crucial

By Dave Driscoll   “Walk away cash” is what’s in your pocket, free of debt and taxes, when you walk away from the closing table after selling your business – it’s the true measure of the transaction’s impact on your life.   Within your industry, you may hear stories like Julie sold her company for…

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Pricing a Business too High is a Risky Strategy

Pricing a Business should involve more Research than Emotion Often, sellers want to go to market with a very high price for their businesses, hoping buyers will appreciate what the seller perceives as a great value. Sellers assume that buyers will at least take time to check out the business. In reality, there are many…

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Successfully Sell Your St. Louis Business

Looking for the right St. Louis Business Broker to sell your business, grow value or plan your succession? Metro Business Advisors understands that the ultimate goal of every business owner is to build up the company and sell it when the time is right. You have worked hard to build your company and when it’s…

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