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Business Exit Planning: It’s a Seller’s Market

High demand and low supply are creating seller leverage, stronger valuations, and advantageous deal structures with more cash at close. By Dave Driscoll Clients always ask: “Is this a good time to sell?” My reply today is YES! I know…you hear that from everyone in the M&A industry that wants to sell your business. I…

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Are you Emotionally Prepared to Sell Your Business?

Take these 4 Steps EARLY to Emotionally Prepare Sellers often don’t give much thought to whether they are emotionally ready to sell their businesses. Neglecting to consider the significant life changes that occur can result in depression, anxiety and a general lack of purpose post-sale. Sellers are used to being in the top leadership position in…

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Planned Retirement vs. Burnout: The difference to your finances will be significant

As seen in Dave Driscoll's column in St. Louis Small Business Monthly

If you don’t plan BEFORE you’re ready to retire, you are sacrificing business value By Dave Driscoll In a recent Market Pulse Survey published by the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), M&A Source and the Pepperdine Private Capital Market Project found that retirement is the number one reason that sellers put their businesses on the market. That’s not surprising given the “baby…

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Why do Business Owners Sell?

Deciding to sell a business can be agonizing Recognizing that only about four in ten businesses listed for sale actually sell, we need to understand that a large portion of the seller population may have waited too long to begin the succession process. There are some owners that simply decide they are ready to move on,…

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Selling Your Business: Seller Earnout Deal Structure

Is a Seller Earnout a good strategy when you Sell your Business? Consider this paradigm: A seller most always believes his/her business is worth more than a buyer is willing to pay. An earnout is a good strategy to maximize seller expectations regarding total selling price, especially when the seller is confident in the future…

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Emotions and ego get in your business' way – audio

Your emotional involvement clouds your judgement when it comes to your business …especially in terms of the value of your business. When your ego and identity are too dependent on your role as a business owner, you can miss the big picture. Dave Driscoll explains the emotional aspect of business value in his interview with…

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