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Selling Your Business: Seller Earnout Deal Structure

Is a Seller Earnout a good strategy when you Sell your Business? Consider this paradigm: A seller most always believes his/her business is worth more than a buyer is willing to pay. An earnout is a good strategy to maximize seller expectations regarding total selling price, especially when the seller is confident in the future…

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Don't start the bidding when selling a business – audio

Say a buyer does approach you, unsolicited, with interest in buying your business… It’s an exciting situation, but take it easy. Whether you’ve made a conscious decision to sell your business or you’re caught off guard by an offer, don’t be naive enough to believe that you are going to start a bidding war. You…

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Do you know your MPSP?

A Business Valuation determines What your Business is Worth Perhaps the single most important fact that you should know about your business is its Most Probable Selling Price (MPSP). MPSP is the realistic price or market value of your business and it is determined by a business valuation. Knowing the MPSP can help guide your business,…

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