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When selling your business, “walk away cash” is crucial

By Dave Driscoll   “Walk away cash” is what’s in your pocket, free of debt and taxes, when you walk away from the closing table after selling your business – it’s the true measure of the transaction’s impact on your life.   Within your industry, you may hear stories like Julie sold her company for…

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Inventory… Don’t be shocked when Selling Your Business!

By Dave Driscoll Small business owners seem to have an aversion to inventory: they don’t like to count it, deal with it, and frequently don’t realize how much value they have invested in it. As business brokers, we encounter this phenomenon too often. Owners routinely minimize the importance of inventory value when listing the businesses…

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Why you need a team of advisors to sell your business

As seen in Dave Driscoll's column in St. Louis Small Business Monthly

By Dave Driscoll The value of your business is probably your single largest asset, and converting that asset to the maximum amount of investable cash to support your retirement is critical. Your best shot at maximizing long-term value is to rely on a team of advisors to navigate the complexities of the sale of the…

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You Can’t Sell your Business in a Day

Preparing To Sell Your Business

By Dave Driscoll, President and Business Broker As business brokers, by the time a business owner contacts us to sell a business, he or she is usually ready to walk out the door and leave the business behind…tomorrow. To say that is unrealistic is a serious understatement. Selling a business is a complex, long process……

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Accurate Financials: The Key To Selling Your Business

Why You Can’t Sell Your Business Without Complete and Accurate Business Financials I need to vent my frustration with business owners wanting to sell their businesses with incomplete or nonexistent financial information. Long before you plan on selling your business, your finances must be in order. All the sexy graphs, pictures, history, exciting stories and…

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Business Acquisition Funding When Credit is Tight

Buyers have some options for Business Acquisition Funding You have finally decided that it’s time to sell your business. You want to spend more time with the family, travel a little, and pursue all of your other interests. We’ve already explored ways to work with your business broker to protect confidentiality, maximize business value while minimizing…

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How to Protect Confidentiality When Selling Your Business

The right Business Broker knows when Confidentiality is key to Selling your Business The decision to sell your business is a big one, one that has probably caused you to toss and turn for months, if not years. I’m sure that among the “what if’s” you’ve considered are: What if word gets out that I am considering…

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